Well here goes nothing! So this is the first post on my new blog, once upon a time I loved to write I loved being able to inspire feelings, and ideas, and to trigger memories of others with the words I put on paper. So I am going to give it a shot again, only this time not the poetry and fiction I wrote as a teenager but instead a blog with the things that go on in my day to day life (or sometimes I guess just the thoughts in my head).

I will start out with the simple things like who I am for those who don’t know me I am 37 years old an live on an acreage in Northern Alberta with my husband who is my very best friend, my Dear Daughter who is the girliest girl I know, an aspiring performer I am sure, and my Dear Son who is a quick witted boy who like his sister never ceases to amaze me. My newest obsession is knitting so that is mostly what will be featured here – sorry for those of you who may be reading but have no interest in needles and yarn my deepest apologies to you. I am sure that there will be many other topics here but this will definately be a big part of what I have to say.

Now that we have gotten the introductions out of the way I have to say that this scares me but blogs(somewhat) and podcasts fascinate me – mostly podcasts as I can listen to those on the run and I am usually on the run. Of course it is also easiest to listen rather than read while knitting so podcasts fit well. But alas I am not equipped to speak into a mike yet so instead I will type out my thoughts for anyone who may be interested enough to venture over here and have a read. I have to admit this does scare me though – it scares me a little that people will read what I have to say and judge what I throw out there for thoughts and ideas. That being said it also scares me that no one will pop in to read that there will be no feedback or views and then what?

While I am listing what scares me I have started to knit my first sweater. Not the first thing I have knit by any means I have knit a ton of hats, dishcloths, scarves, even a pair of mitts or two but nothing with so many parts as a sweater. First of all there is a chance I will put all of these stitches and all of this time in to make a sweater I love that may or may not fit me (I’m not yet that confident in patterns to adjust along the way – I’m pretty sure I measured right and choose the right size). Secondly I don’t really have a very long attention span I am used to knitting one piece and being done this time however I have to knit a front, back and arms yikes! This being said right this second I have done a front and just about finished the back and I am still interested. So wish me luck and if you choose to follow along I will post some pictures next time.