Ok so the following writing has been sitting here for some time, today is actually April 3- i think this post may reflect the date i actually wrote it, while I contemplated what I wrote. My stroke affected me and my family deeply and it still affects me not in the way it once did though. It is no longer about mobility or continued tests it is now about deeper things trying to take time for myself, to take a breath or a walk, to truly pay attention to my kids when they need me they are only this age for a short while, to try to show compassion to others, so many things that I have made a decision to try to change. I would like to make a difference in this world. So after sitting on the following post and feeling bad about already not posting often on a new blog here goes……..

Over a year ago I had a stroke, a mild stroke but still a stroke at a young age. It was scary and possibly more scary were the few tiny things I struggled to do with my left hand (the side that was affected) and they were small things, putting the back on my daughters earrings, buttoning tight pants things that most people never even noticed unless they were truly looking for it, looking for weakness. At the time it angered and saddened me but I taught myself to knit during that time to help my hand and calm my mind. Not that I hadn’t knit before that I learned from my grandma many times over the years with many abandoned scarves to show. This time I turned to YouTube and learned again.

I knit dishcloths, lots, then hats knit flat, then in the round, mittens, and most recently a sweater for myself. I can do up any small earring now a year later, button any button, and thread any needle. I know that I am lucky. What brings this to mind right now is visiting a friend who recently had a stroke and was dramatically affected by theirs instead of being so lucky. I visited the hospital today and it shook me to see my friend affected this away and I came home from the hospital, had a warm bath, then picked up my knitting to quiet my mind and comfort myself.

Looking back on the day tonight I simply think that I am lucky, and think I will knit a few more rows before bed.


That all being said I promise to anyone who has taken the time to read this to post more and add some pictures too! Have a great day.