I am not really writing this post today to inform you of anything, or to make you cry(right mom?) I am simply writing something to attempt to add a picture to a post. Really? You might ask a blogger not trying to express something with words yeah really I have tried every way imaginable to upload a photo to is blog from my computer tonight I am moving on to more drastic measures I am trying to post from the iPad to see if I have any luck before I resort to asking on twitter for help.

My basic information is this shawl is probably my favorite thing I have knit, I knit most of it on my family vacation it was fun to knit! It is made of real wool, I had to soak, wash, block all of the things I have read about real knitters doing. Now it is done and it is beautiful I’m not sure it is my style but it is beautiful I love it. Oh wait to add to the things about this that make me happy someone who never met me read about my wish to knit this pattern and bought the pattern for me – how nice can people be a strangers gift made my day on a day I needed a hand.

Ok sorry I have gotten wordy and I guess I did have something to say and a point to be made again. Now wish me luck in trying to add a picture to it all.